Interactive guide of companies
HalalGuide was created specifically for smartphones or tablets. This is the most convenient way to find services at the best information and keep in touch with the companies, which services are used regularly.
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Personal assistant
HalalGuide is able to adapt for the personal needs of any user, primarily offering companies, which services are relevant for the person. This application is an inseparable part of everyday life and it makes the solution for the routine asks easier.
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The unique promotional tool
HalalGuide is a unique opportunity for companies, which work in the service sector, to get their own mobile application, without a lot of spending. The page in the interactive guide will allow communicating directly with your customers and personally informing them about important news.
For Companies:
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Free mobile application – an interactive business guide of companies.

Pages of Halal Guide are lead by the companies that are interested in maintaining the contact with their clients. The pages are regularly updated with the information and news, insuring the relevance of their pages for their clients.

Unlike a normal guide, HalalGuide not only has the basic information about companies, but also has important and useful information and additional services.

HalalGuide is:
Analyzing and Testing: HET- Quality Control its to ensure all materials used are halal compliant, scrutinizing, analyzing and testing the product on the standards well defined in Islam for halal Products.
Special services: Highlight the international standards and procedures of halal certification and show the key features of the halal international conferences.
Company registration: Our company provides services globally for scrutinizing ,analyzing and testing the product on the standars well defined in Islam for halal foods .
This benefits companies
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HalalGuide for companies
For most companies in HalalGuide, the personal page is already created, there is available general and contact information and it is located on the map. The possibilities of HalalGuide are much wider. Registering in the system and having access to a personal account will allow you to use HalalGuide at the full capacity and potential.

Participating in HalalGuide is like having your own mobile application or website. This is a unique opportunity to maintain regular contact with your clients, communicating directly through the device, which is alwaysin the pocket of the modern man and is ready to use.

Regular communication can improve loyalty, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on sales.

With HalalGuide companies can:
- Publish news
- Send messages directly to the customers
- Use the variety of other useful services

Companies will also get:
- Direct communication with their customers, the ability to maintain regular contact with them
- Additional service to customers, which will increase the loyalty for the company
- Ability to sell a new varieties of products and services
- Access to a wide audience of smartphone users with attracting new customers.
- Saving money, with comparing to creation of your own mobile application or website.

HalalGuide – more than a reference book!


Project Partners
We are proud of partners and participants who cooperate with the HalalGuide project!